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Ensuring optimum quality and performance, the Sidi Five Mega Cycling Shoes are classic road shoes, perfect for high-mileage cyclists who have wide, high-volume or highly arched feet. Set upon a Carbon Composite Sole and Mega Last for superior comfort and support, these expertly designed shoes are the favoured choice of many professionals. - L.M.

Mega Last: Shaped and proportioned to comfortably fit larger feet, the Mega Last is specially designed for those who have a high arch, wide or high-volume feet.

Carbon Composite Sole: Designed for high mileage cyclists, the sole is thinner at the toe to provide a slight amount of flex whilst maintaining stiffness and power transfer in the body of the shoe, ensuring that the foot's blood circulation is not compromised. Guaranteeing comfort and performance, the sole is made from injected Carbon Fibre in a matrix of Nylon, which doesn't lose rigidity in hot, humid weather or as it ages.

Soft Instep 2 Closure System: Serviceable and replaceable, this wide, padded strap has been coupled to soft, thermo-formed material which improves comfort and performance. Adjustable from both sides for perfect cantering, it evenly distributes pressure over the arch area, eliminating the need for the High Step Extender.

Caliper Buckle: A micrometric closure, it's regulated by lifting the central buckle. To open completely, lift both side buckles together, whilst to loosen the closure, the central clip must be lifted.

Velcro Security System: With integrated locking polymer teeth, this feature allows for a more secure closure by making the Velcro unmovable.

Replaceable Heel Cup: This spare part helps to prolong the life of your shoes.


  • Sidi Five MEGA Carbon Composite Cycling Shoes
  • Mega Last for those with wide, high-volumed or high-arched feet
  • Carbon Composite Sole
  • Soft Instep 2 Closure System
  • Caliper Buckle
  • Velcro Security System
  • Replaceable Heel Cup
  • Classic road shoe
  • Expertly designed
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